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Travel Guide of Alexandria in Egypt by Influencers

Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and a major economic center. With a population of 5,200,000, Alexandria is the largest city on the Mediterranean, the sixth-largest city in the Arab world and the ninth-largest in Africa.

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Discover our travel guide of Alexandria in Egypt made of pictures from travel influencers and photographers.

What you will see and do in Alexandria:

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Travel Tips for visiting Alexandria

Alexandria, Egypt

You surely know the city of Alexandria, an Egyptian city on the Mediterranean Sea. How can you not know this city that once hosted the largest library in the ancient world where the great philosophers and scientists of that time came to seek knowledge? How can you even not know this city that hosted one of the seven wonders of the world: the lighthouse of Alexandria.
These two monuments have unfortunately been destroyed by earthquakes and fires…

But the beauty of this city is not only in these mythical monuments. Alexandria is located on the Mediterranean Sea, in the north of the country at about 200 km from Cairo, the capital. The city was founded by Alexander the Great (who gave it his name) more than 2300 years ago. This city is described as fascinating by visitors. It has a truly captivating history and countless monuments that stem from it. The mythical lighthouse and its ancient library are the 2 most famous but we must not forget its Diocletian's column, its old town, its museums, or its necropolis.

This city has a strong and complex history which gives it all its interest and beauty. Indeed, Alexandria was for a while the capital of the country, but in the seventh century the Arabs conquered Egypt and decided to build Cairo and make it the new capital. Then, Alexandria was conquered at the end of the 18th century by Napoleon and then the British. Today Alexandria has kept some traces of its past, you can find French street signs and also a Greek community with Greek restaurants and cafes, etc...

To sum up, this place is exciting to visit, it is a mixture of European, Greco-Roman and Egyptian identity which makes this city extremely rich in history and monuments. Of course, it is also possible to simply walk around Alexandria in its charming port city and discover many architectural and cultural styles. In short, a must-see place in Egypt!

1) Are there other activities to do in Alexandria besides visit the monuments?
Of course you can find other activities to do when you are in Alexandria! There are many activities that tourists love to do. A simple activity that is always enjoyable is a horse-drawn carriage ride or simply riding in the typical Egyptian horses. You can also take all kinds of cruises on the Nile with of course a beautiful route, some cruises offer dinner during the crossing. Also, an activity that amazes every tourist is a helicopter ride over Alexandria.
2) Is there a more appropriate outfit to wear in Alexandria? 
Indeed, Egypt which is a very religious country prefers certain dresses for tourists. The women must avoid the too low-cut outfits, the visible navels or the shorts (For bronze, it is not possible to expose topless because it is prohibited by the Egyptian law).
For men, it's better if they don't wear shorts.
Dress is not mandatory but it is better to take into account the customs of the country.
3) What are the means of transportation in Alexandria? 
Alexandria is a city that offers many modes of transportation such as tramway, bus, or cab.
The tramway has been in service since 1860, is cheap and its routes cover about forty stations. The city is also served by a network of buses and mini-buses. Finally, for cabs, they are inexpensive and available in the city (if the vehicle does not have a meter, remember to discuss the price with the driver before getting in).

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