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The Best Things to Do and Visit around Napapiiri

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1 - Koivusaari

   6 km away

Koivusaari is an island and a district of Helsinki, Finland. Koivusaari is the westernmost district of the entire southern part of Helsinki.

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Koivusaari things to do in Napapiiri

2 - Rovaniemi

   7 km away

Rovaniemi is a city and municipality of Finland. It is the administrative capital and commercial centre of Finland's northernmost province, Lapland.

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Rovaniemi things to do in Napapiiri Rovaniemi things to do in Napapiiri

3 - Wildlife Experiences in Rovaniemi

A family adventure to meet huskies and reindeer with a husky sled ride and a small snowmobile excursion. A package that will make any child happy. This family outing involves meeting reindeer and husky dogs. You will gain knowledge about these b...

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Wildlife Experiences in Rovaniemi things to do in Napapiiri

4 - Rovaniemi Bridge

   7 km away

Ylitornio is a municipality of Finland. It is located in the province of Lapland along the Tornio River, opposite the Swedish town of Övertorneå about 7 kilometres by road to its northwest.

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Rovaniemi Bridge things to do in Napapiiri

5 - Kayaking in Rovaniemi

   6 km away

This challenging all-day trip will let you discover all the secrets that Lapland waters hide. You will get the chance to enjoy the peacefulness of its nature in a very eco-friendly way, will appreciate the Arctic fauna and flora f...

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Kayaking in Rovaniemi things to do in Napapiiri

6 - Cross-country skiing in Rovaniemi

   7 km away

Leave nothing but lines on this cross-country skiing experience in Lapland. A traditional Finnish pastime that offers access to some of the most remote parts of the Northern Boreal Forest, clip in for a scenic tour into the heart of Lapland – l...

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Cross-country skiing in Rovaniemi things to do in Napapiiri

7 - Snowmobiling in Rovaniemi

   7 km away

Discover the secrets of the Finnish Taiga on this snowmobile adventure in Lapland. Santa will have to wait, this tour is all about riding out of the saddle, slaloming through the Taiga, and leaving nothing but dust in your wake. Explore the Arctic pi...

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Snowmobiling in Rovaniemi things to do in Napapiiri

8 - Snow Experiences in Rovaniemi

   7 km away

Float below the heavens on this alternative Northern Lights experience near Rovaniemi! Lay back and watch the world's most dramatic light show on this ice floating experience in Lapland. An alternative way to experience the Northern Lights, tra...

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Snow Experiences in Rovaniemi things to do in Napapiiri

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