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Travel Guide of Rome in Italy by Influencers and Travelers

Rome is the capital city and a special comune of Italy as well as the capital of the Lazio region. The city has been a major human settlement for over two millennia. With 2,860,009 residents in 1,285 km², it is also the country's most populated comune.

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The Best Things to Do and Visit in Rome


1 - Colosseum

The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy.

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Colosseum things to do in Rome Colosseum things to do in Rome

2 - St. Peter's Basilica

The Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican, or simply Saint Peter's Basilica, is a church built in the Renaissance style located in Vatican City, the papal enclave which is within the city of Rome.

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St. Peter's Basilica things to do in Rome St. Peter's Basilica things to do in Rome

3 - Tours & Sightseeing | St. Peter's Basilica

Get as close to heaven as humanly possible, with a guided tour of St. Peter's Basilica and Cupola. Join your guide for a delicious breakfast at "Al San Michele" bar, the perfect starting point for your unforgettable adventure to Vatican City. Gaze in awe at the Dome of the Basilica, the highest architectural point in Rome, and take in the breathtaking views of the Eternal City. Explore the Vatican Gardens, the roof of the Sistine Chapel, and the chimney of the papal conclave, while your guide narrates the history of the mesmerising architecture. Ride the elevator to the base of the cupola, and then take the stairs to the very top for stunning views of the city. Visit the main Basilica of Saint Peter's, where you’ll get to see where St. Peter was buried and uncover some of the secret, hidden spots at the heart of Catholic Rome. This is a tour to remember!

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Tours & Sightseeing | St. Peter's Basilica things to do in Rome

4 - Pantheon

The Pantheon is a former Roman temple, now a Catholic church, in Rome, Italy, on the site of an earlier temple commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus. It was completed by the emperor Hadrian and probably dedicated about 126 AD.

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Pantheon things to do in Rome Pantheon things to do in Rome

5 - Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is a fountain in the Trevi district in Rome, Italy, designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Giuseppe Pannini and several others.

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Trevi Fountain things to do in Rome Trevi Fountain things to do in Rome

6 - Morning | Castel Sant'Angelo

Ranked alongside the Pyramids of Giza and the Taj Mahal as the most elaborate mausoleums ever built, Castel Sant'Angelo is the final resting place of Roman emperor Hadrian. Enter this ancient wonder – without waiting in line for centuries – with a fast-track ticket to explore this monumental fortress on an enthralling guided tour. Wander cavernous hallways, hear tales of political backstabbing, see spectacular murals, and take in endless views of Rome from the rooftop.

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Morning | Castel Sant'Angelo things to do in Rome

7 - Roman Forum

The Roman Forum, also known by its Latin name Forum Romanum, is a rectangular forum surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings at the center of the city of Rome.

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Roman Forum things to do in Rome Roman Forum things to do in Rome

8 - Palatine Hill

The Palatine Hill, which is the centremost of the Seven Hills of Rome, is one of the most ancient parts of the city and has been called "the first nucleus of the Roman Empire."

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Palatine Hill things to do in Rome Palatine Hill things to do in Rome

9 - Cooking | Rome Cooking Classes

Experience the culinary tradition of **Rome** and make three classic Italian dishes – **fettuccine**, **ravioli**, and **tiramisu** – in one fantastic **cooking class**. Among the majestic fountains and ancient architecture of **Piazza Navona**, your **professional chef** will teach you how to make all three dishes with the freshest Italian ingredients, using the traditional tools and methods passed down from generations. Put your pastas to the taste test with a variety of sauces (and an included **glass of wine**), and finish up with dessert – your own homemade **tiramisu**! *Buon appetito!*

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Cooking | Rome Cooking Classes things to do in Rome

10 - Castel Sant'Angelo

The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant'Angelo, is a towering cylindrical building in Parco Adriano, Rome, Italy. It was initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family. The building was later used by the popes as a fortress and castle, and is now a museum. The structure was once the tallest building in Rome.

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Castel Sant'Angelo things to do in Rome Castel Sant'Angelo things to do in Rome

11 - Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia is the central hub of Rome, Italy, in which several thoroughfares intersect, including the Via dei Fori Imperiali and the Via del Corso.

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Piazza Venezia things to do in Rome Piazza Venezia things to do in Rome

12 - Mountain bike in Rome

Enjoy a 3 hours tour in an electric or normal bike in Villa Borghese, located in the heart of Rome. It's a perfect experience for doing with your family or friends! In this amazing Bike/E-bike tour where you will discover places like Piazza del Popol...

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Mountain bike in Rome things to do in Rome

13 - Capitoline Museums

The Capitoline Museums is a single museum containing a group of art and archaeological museums in Piazza del Campidoglio, on top of the Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy.

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Capitoline Museums things to do in Rome Capitoline Museums things to do in Rome

14 - Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are the public art and sculpture museums in the Vatican City. They display works from the immense collection amassed by the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy throughout the centuries including several of the most renowned Roman sculptures and most important masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world.

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Vatican Museums things to do in Rome Vatican Museums things to do in Rome

15 - Rafting in Rome

Get a fresh perspective of one of the most famous cosmopolitan cities in the world as you paddle your way across the stunning Tiber River in the heart of Rome! to travel far for this outdoor adventure. You'll meet your expert guide in Piazza de...

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Rafting in Rome things to do in Rome

16 - Palazzo Pontificio

   20 km away

The Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo, or the Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo from its Italian name Palazzo Apostolico di Castel Gandolfo, is a 135-acre complex of buildings in a garden setting in the city of Castel Gandolfo, Italy, including the principal 17th-century villa, an observatory and a farmhouse with 75 acres of farmland.

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Palazzo Pontificio things to do in Rome

17 - Hadrian's Villa

   24 km away

Hadrian's Villa is a large Roman archaeological complex at Tivoli, Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the property of the Republic of Italy, and has been directed and run by the Polo Museale del Lazio since December 2014.

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Hadrian's Villa things to do in Rome

18 - Lago di Nemi

   26 km away

Lake Nemi is a small circular volcanic lake in the Lazio region of Italy 30 km south of Rome, taking its name from Nemi, the largest town in the area, that overlooks it from a height.

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Lago di Nemi things to do in Rome

19 - Santa Severa

   47 km away

Santa Severa is a frazione of the comune of Santa Marinella, in the province of Rome, Lazio, Italy. It is a small sea resort on the Via Aurelia, c. 8 km south of Santa Marinella and 50 km north of Rome.

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Santa Severa things to do in Rome Santa Severa things to do in Rome

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Why should you visit Rome ?

Travel to Rome if you like:

  🏰 Place of worship     🗼 Landmark     🏘️ Town     🛣️ Road trip     🏰 Basilica     🗼 Ruins  

How to visit Rome ?

Why travel to Rome?

Rome, the eternal city, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and gastronomy. The Italian capital boasts architectural marvels, art masterpieces, and a vibrant food scene. With iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, Vatican City, and the Trevi Fountain, Rome is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a blend of ancient history and modern urban life.

How to get there?

Rome is well-connected to major European and international destinations. The city has two airports: Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) and Ciampino. Fiumicino is the primary airport with regular flights from major airlines, while Ciampino serves mostly low-cost carriers. From the airports, you can take a train, bus, or taxi to reach the city center. Rome's main train station, Roma Termini, is well-connected to other Italian cities and European capitals.

What to book in advance?

It's advisable to book tickets in advance for popular attractions like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Vatican Museums to avoid long queues. Booking guided tours can also provide a more in-depth look into the history and significance of these sites.

What are the costs?

Rome can be an affordable destination, depending on your travel preferences. Budget accommodations and eateries are available, but expect higher prices for luxury hotels and fine dining. Entrance fees for attractions vary, with the Colosseum and Vatican Museums costing around €16 and €17, respectively. Public transportation is relatively cheap, with a 72-hour pass costing €18.

Best things to do:

1. Explore the Colosseum and Roman Forum
2. Visit Vatican City and St. Peter's Basilica
3. Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain
4. Climb the Spanish Steps
5. Discover the picturesque neighborhood of Trastevere
6. Wander around Piazza Navona and the Pantheon
7. Bike or stroll along the Appian Way

Where to eat?

1. Da Enzo al 29 - A family-run trattoria in Trastevere, known for its authentic Roman cuisine.
2. Roscioli - A bakery, deli, and restaurant offering delicious pasta dishes and a great wine selection.
3. Pizzarium Bonci - A popular pizza spot known for its unique toppings and high-quality ingredients.

Where to stay?

1. The Fifteen Keys Hotel - A stylish boutique hotel located in the trendy Monti neighborhood.
2. Hotel Santa Maria - A charming hotel in Trastevere, offering a peaceful atmosphere and excellent service.
3. Generator Rome - A modern and affordable hostel, perfect for budget travelers and backpackers.

Off the beaten path:

For an unusual experience in Rome, visit the Capuchin Crypt beneath the Church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. The crypt is decorated with the bones of over 4,000 Capuchin friars, arranged in intricate patterns and designs. While it may not be for the faint-hearted, this unique attraction offers a fascinating look into the Capuchin Order's beliefs and practices about life, death, and resurrection.

Learn More about Rome

Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the most visited cities in the world.

What could be more surprising for a city whose center is classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site?

You can discover :
  • the Vatican City (city-state, headquarter of Catholicism)
  • the Colosseum
  • the Pantheon,
  • he Trevi Fountain
  • the Piazza Navona as well as the many traces left by the powerful Roman Empire

Gourmets will enjoy the specialties of the region:
  • Saltimbocca alla Romana
  • pasta cacio e pepe
  • Pizza alla Romana

For dessert, have ice cream and take the time to discover on foot the Eternal City, which is full of history and whose baroque architecture will surprise you.

To visit Rome is to discover the capital of Italy, the capital of the Catholic Church with the Vatican, and the capital of the Roman Empire.
Rome is a city of history, culture, traditions, and legends. Since its foundation, Rome has been a symbol of power and is the political and administrative heart of Italy.

Rome is an open-air museum, and that's not a euphemism!

It is difficult to equal a city so rich in small and big treasures discovered in each district, alley, church. 
The Italian capital is also very touristy! The density of the wonders of the city attracts a continuous flow of tourists, especially in summer

The city of seven hills always attracts art and history lovers 

Today, people also come to Rome to see the capital of the dolce vita. And also on a pilgrimage, whether religious or symbolic,
Rome is the closest city to the independent state of the Vatican (the smallest in the world).
With an area of 1,285 km², the Italian capital is about twice as small as Paris. 

Historic Rome, built around its mythical hills (the most famous of which are Mount Palatine, the Capitol, Mount Equilinus, and the Quirinal), still gives the impression of being the city of the ancient world, with its innumerable remains, its ancient temples and basilicas converted into churches, its Roman tiled roofs, its high walls surrounding private gardens and colonnaded stoops 

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers planning a trip to Rome

How to get around Rome?

By Metro. Rome's subway has only two lines and is one of the smallest in Europe
However, it serves almost all places of interest and is the most efficient. 

Best months according to the weather

From a weather point of view, as Rome is located further south than France and Germany, winter is milder...
But the best time to go to Rome according to the weather is spring (April, May, June) and September.

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