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Travel Guide of Chiclayo in Peru by Influencers and Travelers

Chiclayo is the principal city of the Lambayeque region in northern Peru. It is located 13 kilometers inland from the Pacific coast and 770 kilometers from the nation's capital, Lima.

The Best Things to Do and Visit in Chiclayo


1 - Huaca Rajada

   27 km away

Huaca Rajada, also known as Sipán, is a Moche archaeological site in northern Peru in the Lambayeque Valley, that is famous for the tomb of Lord of Sipán, excavated by Walter Alva and his wife Susana Meneses beginning in 1987.

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Huaca Rajada things to do in Chiclayo

2 - Archaeology Tours in Chiclayo

This trip is a very good complement to the famous Sipán route, but in itself it is a very good experience. Archeology, history, nature, architecture and very good food in one trip. The most interesting museum with the richest tombs, the valley of the pyramids with a forest that hides them, where we can visit the interior of one of them - the only one open to the public - and the most photogenic city we have, with a stop to have lunch in a beautiful 19th century house.

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Archaeology Tours in Chiclayo things to do in Chiclayo

3 - Wildlife Watching in Chiclayo

We want our activity to develop the culture of observation of nature and wildlife in our region, some of the places where we go are NOT common tourist destinations and depend on you coming to visit them so that the owners (families or communities) see the benefit of conserving your forest and not destroy it. We are implementing the adoption of one tree per group, in this way, doing tourism with us you give one more inhabitant to the forest and leave a greener world. We have good teams and professionals of good level who speak English and Spanish, we are qualified for the activity and we have more than ten years of experience. These walks are healthy because we do them in places with very little traffic, we are almost always the only group in the area.

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Wildlife Watching in Chiclayo things to do in Chiclayo

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