Captured by

Andras Kovacs


Canon 1100D, 600D, Panasonic GH3, BMPCC, Olympus Pen-5, Tamron 10-24, Samyang 12, Lumix 12-35, CCTV 25, Lumix 25, Zonlai 35, DianaF+ 35, Canon 50, Helios 58, Holga 60, Auto Revuenon 135, Lumia 1020, PS+LR, Google Nik Analog Efex Pro 2, aand Unsplash!

About this picture

The Sun’s last light flares as they meet with the Rock’s surface seem to flame. Magmas to Magmas - Real Material to Real Illusion. Photography can sublimate Materiality. You don’t have to nictitate, just open your Mind Threads.

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